A phone number is required to make a call and receive a call. To make an outbound call at Plivo it is not mandatory to purchase a phone, however; it is mandatory to purchase a phone number from Plivo for an Inbound call. At Plivo we maintain a global inventory of phone numbers. If you do not have a number to it can be purchased from Plivo. Please follow the below instruction:

  1. Click on Buy Number page.

  2. Select the country, location.

  3. Select the type of number.

  4. Select the feature you want to add to your number.

  5. Click on search.

This will provide the list of available numbers.

  1. Select the number you need to purchase and click on buy.

A new window will pop up with details about the number.

  1. Click on Buy This Number.

Congratulation you have successfully purchased a Plivo number.

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