Inbound and Outbound Voice Calls: Charges incur per minute upon call connection. Per minute pricing also varies among countries and can require an additional carrier fee for certain prefixes. Refer to our pricing page for all country specific rates for inbound  and outbound calls

Transcription: $0.05 per minute for Auto and $0.35 per minute for Hybrid

Call Recording: Free

Call Recording storage: Free

Multilingual Text to Speech: Free 

Automatic Machine Detection: Free

Here is how Plivo charges for SMS services: 

Outbound SMS Text Messages: Charges incur per SMS text message. SMS pricing varies between countries. Check the pricing page for complete details and contact us for information on high volume discounts.

Inbound SMS Text Messages: Free.

Here is how Plivo charges for Phone Number services:

Voice and SMS Phone Numbers: Monthly rental for each number. Rental is charged on a prorated basis in case a number is purchased during the middle of a monthly billing cycle.

SMS Short Codes: Please refer to SMS Short Codes FAQ for pricing details.

Phone Number Porting: All porting for US and Canadian local and toll-free phone numbers is free. For porting fees and availabilities of other countries, please contact our support team.

Plivo also offers discounts for high volume usage, please contact us to learn more.