Phone numbers are charged based on setup, rental, and usage.

  • Setup fee: This is a one-time fee charged at the time of purchase towards setting up, configuring and provisioning the numbers with our carriers.

  • Monthly rental fee: Phone numbers can be purchased on a monthly basis. All phone number charges are billed on the first day of each month. Please note that monthly rental fees are charged regardless of whether the number was used or not. If the phone number was purchased in the middle of a billing cycle, rental fees are charged on a prorated basis. For example, if a number is purchased on the 18th day of the month, rental fee will only be charged according to the remaining days of the month.

  • Usage Fees:¬†usage fees depend on the number of SMS text messages and voice calling minutes that your account uses. Please visit How does Plivo charge for its services for complete details on usage fees.