You can make outbound phone calls to landlines, mobiles, and SIP endpoints (e.g., softphones), in any of our 200+ coverage countries. A single outbound call or bulk outbound calls can be made using Plivo in three ways

  1. Making an HTTP POST request to the Call API Resource or PHLO

  2. Using an endpoint via a softphone or a hardphone or an sdk.

  3. Integrating your application with Plivo using helper libraries.

Outbound call


  1. Sign up for a free Plivo trial account.

  2. Check out our Helper Libraries page and install the right helper based on the programming language you want to use.

  3. Buy a Plivo phone number (optional).

Note: A phone number is required only for receiving calls. However, country-specific carrier conditions may still apply. You can buy a phone number through the Buy Numbers tab on your Plivo account UI.

  1. Unlike other tutorials, making simple outbound calls does not require a web server. 

Please refer our quick start guide on how to make an outbound call.