Plivo supports the use of alphanumeric sender IDs, however, you must whitelist your account by contacting Plivo support to enable this feature. Clearly mention the sender id you wish to use, the destination countries you intend to reach, and your specific use case in the support request.

In addition to Plivo’s restrictions on the use of alphanumeric sender IDs, country specific restrictions may also apply. In some countries, alphanumeric sender ids must be pre-approved by the local regulatory bodies, while in other countries, no such approval may be required. For countries where regulatory bodies mandate pre-approval of sender ids, Plivo will facilitate the approval process.

The whitelisting process can take up to 3 business days if approval from local carriers and regulatory bodies is not required. Approval from local carriers and regulatory bodies may take up to 8 weeks.

Alphanumeric sender ids are not supported in US and Canada.

Contact us with your specific use case for more details.

Why is whitelisting for Alphanumeric Sender IDs required?

Plivo enforces stringent checks on the use of alphanumeric sender ids to ensure that all communication that flows through Plivo is legitimate, and in no way facilitates malicious activities such as social engineering, phishing, vishing etc.

Under what scenarios could Plivo reject my request for Alphanumeric Sender ID whitelisting?

Plivo will first and foremost seek to verify the legitimacy of your business, as it applies to the sender Id you wish to use. 

In some cases, we may request you to furnish an official authorisation from your organisation’s legal department for the use of the requested sender id.

If your sender id is based on a specific product or service that your company provides, Plivo may seek specific information to establish this association.