The Short Code HELP and STOP message is a line of text that tells the end user how to get help regarding the SMS Short Code campaign and how to stop or unsubscribe from the campaign. This message is a mandatory requirement and needs to be included in all SMS campaigns using US Short Codes.


Help messages must contain either support email address or phone number, msg frequency, advice of charge. 

Required synonym INFO


 Must include some type of helpful information in addition to confirming the opt-out.

 Example of properly formatted STOP MT: “You have been opted out and will receive no more messages from Farm League                            Baseball Sports service. or 800-888-8888.”


We will work with you towards compliance. However, in addition to HELP and STOP messages all messages need to state the following:

  1. “Message and data rates may apply” * The specific expected message frequency the user will receive. (e.g., “1 message/day”, “5 messages/month”, “1 message/user request”)
  2. “Text HELP to [your Short Code #] for help.” (note that HELP must appear in bold)
  3. “Text STOP to [your Short Code #] to cancel.” (note that STOP must appear in bold)
  4. URL of the SMS terms of service
  5. URL of your privacy policy 

Please note that Plivo does not control carrier regulations and is not in a position to interpret any laws, rules, or regulations. Plivo will work with you and the carrier to help you become compliant, however it is important that our customer seek legal counsel on how laws and regulations apply to your company’s specific practices. Also, each carrier reserves the right to suspend short code service for any user at any time.

In case you have any queries, do contact our support team for assistance: