Long Codes Short Codes
What is it? A unique 10-digit phone number that’s tied to an area code.(E.g., +1-415-484-7489) A 5 to 6 digit number that can be used nation wide. For example, PLIVO (75486)
When do I need it? P2P Communication: when a person interacts with another person. e.g. Google Voice. A2P Communication: when an application interacts with a person. e.g. Notifications
What apps can I build? Group messaging, agent-to-person apps, peer-to-peer apps. Marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations, two-factor authentication
How fast can I send my SMS? 1 SMS per second/Long Code. Carrier regulations do not allow Long Codes to be used for SMS broadcasting. Default base rate is 40 SMS per second. To increase, contact sales.
Are there limitations on my SMS traffic pattern? Carrier regulations require that the ratio of Inbound to Outbound SMS traffic be better than 1:3. No limitations.
How much does this cost? Check out our SMS rates on ourpricing page. Check out our Short Code page for complete pricing details.