Why did I receive an email about a fair usage surcharge?

When you sign up to use Plivo services, you agree to our terms and conditions. Under these terms, you need to maintain healthy calling trends based on some underlying metrics. Plivo monitors these metrics for you, and if your account breaches any thresholds, we alert you about this breach via your registered email address. At the end of each calendar month, if your account is still in breach of any thresholds, Plivo will levy a surcharge in your invoice. The surcharge is calculated at the end of the calendar month and added to your invoice.   




Abandoned calls

Less than 20% of call attempts

$0.02 per call

Average call duration

Greater than 35 seconds

$0.02 per minute

Short duration calls

Less than 10% of calls

$0.015 per call

Incomplete calls to toll-free numbers

Less than 5% of call attempts

$0.10 per call

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