How to Link Phone Numbers with Campaigns

Before you link any phone numbers with campaigns you must register a brand and at least one campaign, and they must be approved by a carrier and active.

Keep in mind that you can link no more than 49 numbers to a Standard campaign.

Also be aware that sending the same content across multiple source numbers specifically to evade content filters is called snowshoeing and violates all carriers’ acceptable use policies. A snowshoeing violation may result in suspension of the campaign.

To start linking numbers to your existing campaigns from the Plivo console, visit the Messaging page of the console and click on 10DLC in the left menu. You’ll see a list of the 10DLC brands you’ve registered. Click on one of the linked campaigns in the rightmost column.


The next screen shows campaign details, including linked numbers. If no numbers are linked, click No numbers linked; if numbers are already linked, click View linked numbers.


You should then see a page with details about your campaign and a list of linked numbers. 


To add additional numbers, click the + Add Numbers drop-down and choose one of the two options. The first choice brings up a new screen that shows all of your unlinked numbers and lets you select numbers one by one. When you’ve selected one or more numbers, click Link Numbers. The console will return to the previous screen and show the status of your newly linked numbers as Processing. The status will change to either Linked or Rejected, depending on the response from the carriers, within 48 hours.

The other way to add numbers is by uploading a CSV file. The file should contain a single column with the header “Numbers,” followed by cells that contain only the digits of the numbers to be linked. The CSV file may contain no more than 49 numbers for a Standard campaign and no more than five for a Starter campaign.

Unlinking numbers

On the screen that shows you the list of your linked numbers you can click Unlink Number to make a number available for other uses.

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