How to Export Call Detail Records (CDR)

Customers can generate Call Detail Record (CDR) reports directly from the Plivo console.

To export CDRs generated in the last 90 days

  1. On the Plivo console, navigate to Voice > Logs > Calls.
  2. Filter the CDRs by ticking the filters you wish to use and clicking on Apply.
  3. Select the logs you want to export by ticking the checkbox for individual CDRs, or choose from the checkbox drop-down options “Select CDRs on this page” or “Select all CDRs.”
  4. To export the selected CDRs, click on Export, select Export Filtered Results, and click on Export Logs.

If the logs are of downloadable size, they will be downloaded to your device automatically. If the logs are too large, Plivo will email them to your registered email address.

To export historical CDRs — those generated in last 12 months

  1. Log in to your Plivo account and navigate to Voice > Logs > Calls.
  2. Click on Export and select Export Historical Data. Select the account or subaccount and the date range for which you want to export CDRs, then click on Export Logs.

Plivo will email exported logs to your registered email address. 

The following information is included in exported CDRs:

  • Call UUID
  • Parent call UUID
  • From number
  • To number
  • Call direction
  • End time
  • Initiation time
  • Answer time
  • Call duration
  • Billed duration
  • Call rate
  • Billed amount
  • Hangup cause
  • Hangup cause code
  • Hangup source
  • Call leg
  • Subaccount Auth ID
  • Call type
  • To country ISO
  • From country ISO
  • Billing prefix

Note that CDRs older than 90 days have their from and to numbers redacted.

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