What are the restrictions on outbound calling toward Australia?

Scam calling is detrimental to the industry, service providers, and end-users. Scammers often use spoof calling line identification (CLI, also known as caller ID) to make it seem as if they’re calling from a legitimate line.

Due to the large volume of spoofed traffic, Australian operator Telstra plans to apply filters for calls terminating toward the Telstra network in Australia and block them if the calling number is also a Telstra number, in accordance with Australian Communications Alliance rules to track, block, and reduce spam calls.

This blocking was expected to commence by the end of November 2021 but Telstra has pushed back the implementation date until 1 March 2022

Similar changes are expected to be adopted by other Australian operators; Telstra is the first. 

How will Telstra’s implementation impact Plivo customers?

  • Outbound calls originating out of the Plivo’s network that have a source number that’s a valid Telstra number terminating to another Telstra phone number will get blocked. 
  • Calls will be rejected if the calling number (CLI) prefixes include +6113, +611300, +611800, or +611900. 
  • Calls from international calling numbers that have a missing or invalid format will be blocked. 
  • CLIs that are too short or too long, unallocated country codes and regions, and unallocated Australian CLIs will also be blocked. 
  • “Wangiri” calls (identified in real-time) will also be blocked. In the Wangiri scam (also known as the one-ring scam), a scammer typically places a call and causes it to disconnect after a short ring time, usually less than 10 seconds. 
  • Calls using anonymous as the calling number will be blocked. 

What can you do to ensure your services are not disrupted?

  1. If you have a Telstra number and want to continue to use it as the caller ID for making outbound calls to Telstra users, you can port your number to Plivo or a different provider of your choice. Please note that a port request might take up to three weeks. 
  2. You can rent new Australia numbers from the Plivo console or by using our Numbers API. See our pricing page for monthly rates. 

You can read more about Plivo phone number features and capabilities in Australia on our coverage page.

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