What are the benefits of Browser SDK source code being publicly available?

Plivo’s Browser SDK codebase is now publicly available, and it supports TypeScript. We made the code available to offer developers several benefits:

  • Transparency — The code is now available for anyone to see and to contribute to. Every library has owners who control final edits, but anyone in the developer community can make suggestions and take part.
  • QA — Collaborators can work together to perfect the code, so bugs can be discovered and fixed faster.
  • Customizable — You have more freedom to make the tweaks and edits you want.
  • Community We welcome community contributions and pull requests. The global community can introduce new concepts and capabilities faster.
  • Reliability — Having the codebase being reviewed by our internal team and the community gives us robust, tried, and tested code.
  • Agility — If you wish to make changes quickly, you can, depending on your needs. For example, if you wish to add push notifications in any scenario, you can do it yourself.
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