How do I debug a conference call from my dashboard logs?

Start by finding the call_UUID of each participant of the conference call in order to begin the debugging process. To find the call_UUID, take one of these steps. 

Checking your account dashboard logs

Log in to your Plivo dashboard from and navigate to Then, click on the timestamp of the relevant call which you want to debug. This will give you the call_UUID.


Use the get all call details API

This API will give you the call_UUID: 

Use this API by making a GET HTTP request to the call detail records (CDRs). This will lead to information about your calls, along with details about each call.

After getting the call_UUID, navigate to and input the call_UUID in the search field. This will surface call details such as: 


Screenshot_-_2020-04-08T003204.364.pngAlternately, check the XML document that is used on the call to handle the call flow. This will also help you debug the call from your end.

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