How can I make a conference call using Plivo?

You can start a conference call in three ways: 

  • During an outbound call
  • During an inbound call
  • By moving participants from a bridged call to a conference call

During an outbound call

You can use the Call method to trigger an outbound call to a number or a SIP endpoint. When the dialed party answers the call, the answer_URL of the method must return a Conference XML element. In this example, the Conference element puts the dialed party in the conference room My Room.


<Conference>My Room</Conference>


During an inbound call 

During an inbound call to a Plivo DID, the answer_URL of the application attached to the DID should return a Conference XML element, as shown above.

From a bridged call to a conference call

The participants of a normal call can be transferred from a bridged call to a conference call with the help of our transfer a call method. We have documentation on how to retrieve the call_UUID of a particular live call or of all ongoing calls.

What's the maximum number of participants allowed in a single conference?

A maximum number of 20 participants or members are allowed in a single conference room.

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