How can I record an outbound call?

You can record a call either by using the Voice API or the XML element.

Using API

You can record calls using the Voice API at any time during the call. The API returns a URL that specifies a file that contains the audio recording. The API also lets you stop the recording at any point. The ability to initiate and stop recordings can be useful for support and sales calls where reviews can help improve business processes. Our documentation explains how to get the call_UUID of a live call, which you need to record an outbound call.

Using Record XML

You can use the Record XML element to record an outbound call by having the XML appended in the answer_URL of the API call. For example, if your call flow is to bridge two numbers or endpoints and then record the call when the second party answers, follow these steps:

  • API call: "to" attribute will contain number 1 
"from": "12025551111",
  • When this party answers the call, the answer_URL will be executed. The answer_URL should contain the following XML code:
<Record action="" startOnDialAnswer="true" redirect="false" />    



  • The call can be recorded once number 2 answers the call.
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