How can I check what XML code was executed during a call?

You can use a call UUID to check what XML code was executed during a call. You can find the call_UUID in two ways. One way is by checking your account dashboard logs:

  1. Log in to your Plivo dashboard.
  2. Go to Voice > Logs > Calls.
  3. Click on the timestamp of the call you want to debug. A new window will pop up with the UUID.


Another way to get a UUID is by using the Voice API to retrieve all call details. It delivers a GET HTTP request to the Call Detail Records (CDR) to retrieve details about each call. Get the call UUID, then navigate to the log debug page and enter it in the search field. This will bring up details of the call in the following format:



Check the XML document used on the call to handle the call flow to debug the call. 

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