What is a call UUID?

When you make a call using Plivo, a universally unique identifier (UUID) will be assigned to the call to identify and troubleshoot if there is a voice-related or call-related issue.

Where do I find the UUID for a particular call?

There are two ways to find the UUID for a particular call. The first is by checking your account dashboard logs:

  1.     Login to your Plivo dashboard from: https://console.plivo.com/dashboard/.
  2.     Click on “Logs”.
  3.     Click on the timestamp of the relevant call which you want to debug. A new window will pop  up with the UUID


The second way to get your UUID is by using the get all call details API: https://www.plivo.com/docs/api/call/#get-all-call-details 

To find the call_UUID for a specific call, use this API to make a GET HTTP request to the call detail records (CDRs). This will deliver information about your calls along with details about each call.

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