How will I be charged for calls?

Two main factors determine what you will be charged for making and receiving calls: usage and phone number rental fees. 


Usage refers to the inbound and outbound minutes that are used in a campaign. 

At Plivo, calls are charged in 60-second increments for both outbound and inbound calls. This means that all calls are billed to the next closest minute. There is a minimum billing length of 60 seconds, followed by 60-second increments. For example, a 10-second call will be billed at one minute. A 70-second call will be billed at two minutes. Phone numbers are charged on a monthly basis per number.

Please refer to our pricing page for all country-specific rates for outbound calls. Note that all rates are based on the longest matching prefix. Click on “See all prefix numbers” on each pricing page to see additional prefix specific fees. 

Phone numbers

A phone number is not required to make calls, however, to receive calls, you must have a number. If you are going to forward incoming calls to your call center, you can buy a Plivo number and set up a call forwarding application. At Plivo, we maintain a global inventory of phone numbers. All phone numbers purchased from Plivo are charged on a monthly basis. The cost per phone number varies depending on the prefix, region, and type of phone number (e.g., toll-free, regular long code, etc.).

A prefix is the first set of digits that represents a country, state, and area code of the telephone number. Each country has a unique international prefix that is followed by a set of numbers that represent the region of the number. A typical dialing number is a combination of:

  1. County code
  2. Area code
  3. Prefix
  4. Destination number 
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