How will I be charged for calls?

Two main factors determine what you will be charged for making and receiving calls: usage and phone number rental fees. 

Usage refers to the inbound and outbound minutes that you incur. 

Both inbound and outbound calls are charged in 60-second increments, with a minimum billing length of 60 seconds. All calls are billed to the next closest minute. For example, a 10-second call is billed at one minute, while a 70-second call is billed at two minutes.

Phone numbers are charged on a monthly basis per number. A phone number is required to receive calls, not to make them. If you want to forward incoming calls to your call center, you can buy a Plivo number and set up a call forwarding application. We maintain a inventory of phone numbers in every region we serve.

The cost per phone number varies depending on the prefix and type of phone number (long code, toll-free, short code). A prefix is the set of digits that represents a country, state, and area code. Each country has a unique international code. That's followed by a set of numbers that represents a region. A typical dialing number may be a combination of:

  1. County code
  2. Area code
  3. Destination number

Refer to our Voice API pricing page for country-specific rates for calls and phone numbers. Note that all rates are based on the longest matching destination prefix.

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