How can I make an outbound call using an endpoint?

You can use a Plivo endpoint with a SIP phone, like X-Lite or Zoiper, to make and receive calls. You can also use our Browser SDK, Android SDK, or iOS SDK to make and receive calls.

How to configure a SIP endpoint with a SIP phone

  1. To create a SIP endpoint, navigate to the Add New Endpoint page of the Plivo console.
  2. Add the endpoint as a direct dial application so you can make and receive calls. Navigate to the Add New Application page of the console and add the answer_URL of the application as PUT YOUR CALLER ID HERE. 
  3. Ensure that you replace the caller ID with your desired phone number.
  4. Assign the application to the SIP endpoint you created.

Follow the instructions for X-Lite or Zoiper or use our SDK to make and receive calls.

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