Can I configure my SMS Geo-Permissions for each of my sub-accounts separately?

Yes. By default, all sub-accounts are configured to use the main account’s Geo-Permission preferences. For instance, if outbound messages to France are disabled for the main account, then the sub-accounts cannot send SMS traffic to France. 

As a Plivo user, you can choose to override Geo-Permissions preferences at a sub-account level. To achieve this: 

  1. Navigate to the SMS Geo-Permissions settings in your Plivo Console.
  2. Select the sub-account from the “All Accounts” drop-down menu. 
  3. Enable/disable traffic to specific countries from the list of countries provided. 
  4. Save your preferences.

Note: Sub-accounts for which preferences have been overridden will appear with an “Overridden” tag next to them in the “All Accounts” dropdown.

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