How does Plivo determine that my outbound delivery rates are low?

Plivo’s message delivery monitoring systems evaluate the delivery rate of the outbound messages every 15 minutes, and compares it with the delivery rates for the same time period over the last seven days. If we find a 25% or more drop in delivery, we'll send an email alert to the configured email address. 

For example: 

  1. At 13:00 Jan 10, 2021, our systems calculated the delivery rate of the messages processed between 12:00 Jan 10, 2021, to 13:00 Jan 10, 2021. Let's assume the delivery rate calculated here is 70%. 
  2. This is then compared with average delivery rates over the last seven days (January 4 to 10 ) for the time period 12:00 to 13:00 each day. Say the average delivery rate from these data points is 95%.
  3. The drop in delivery rate here is 26.3%, which is more than 25%. This will trigger a delivery degradation email alert to the configured email address.

Note: For outbound messages, an evaluation period is considered valid only if at least 250 outbound messages were processed during that hour. For cases where the number of messages is less than 250, no email alerts are triggered.

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