Plivo Phone Number Charges

When you rent a phone number from Plivo, you'll notice two charges attached to it: a setup fee and monthly rental fees.

Setup fee

The setup fee is a one-time fee charged at the time of purchase. This fee covers setting up, configuring, and provisioning numbers with our carriers. You can see the setup fee, if applicable, before you procure the number.


Monthly rental fees

Monthly rental fee is charged on a recurring basis, regardless of whether the number is used or not. Plivo uses a monthly billing cycle for phone numbers that starts on the day the number is rented and is renewed on the same date in subsequent months. 

Here are some examples to demonstrate the phone numbers billing cycle in various scenarios. Assume a monthly rental fee of $1 with no setup fee.

Rented On First Charge First Number Renewal  Subsequent Number Renewals
January 5 $1 on January 5 $1 on February 5 $1 on the 5th of every month
March 31 $1 on March 31 $1 on April 30 $1 on the 30th of every month
January 31 $1 on January 31 $1 on February 28 $1 on the 28th of every month


Pilvo phone numbers are priced according to their country and type. Visit our pricing page for details.


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