How do I transfer a call in PHLO?

A call can be transferred to another destination number or SIP endpoint (say U3) if the call is being handled by the “multi-party call” component. A call needs to be established between a caller and a destination (say U1 and U2). The “multi-party call” component allows for the warm transfer and cold transfer of a call and extends contact center features on PHLO. 

A member is created when a user joins a multi-party call. You can manage call transfers and states of members in a multi-party call using member APIs

Warm transfer:  A user (U1) can transfer the call with a member (U2) of the multi-party call to another user (U3) the user who initiates the transfer (U1) and the user to whom the call is transferred to (U3) can speak privately before U2 is added to the call.

For more information, please refer to the API documentation

Cold Transfer: A User (U1) can transfer the call with a member (U2) on the Multi-Party Call to another user (U3). On Cold transfer, user U2 is connected directly to the user to whom the call is transferred to (U3) and the user initiating the cold transfer is disconnected from the Multi-Party Call.

For more information, refer to the API documentation.

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