Does Plivo offer role-based access control?

Role-based access control (RBAC) helps you manage and share access to your Plivo account with colleagues in your organization. A Plivo Standard account can be managed by multiple users, and each can have a different role with different access permissions. This system helps you customize who has access to account information (cards, numbers, API secrets) and activity (recharges, logs).

RBAC is available only to customers who are on a committed monthly spend plan. Committed monthly spend starts at $750 per month and requires an annual contract.

What roles are available?

Plivo supports five roles:

  • Owner: This role, which is assigned automatically to the user who creates the account, has complete access to the account. You cannot change the owner of an account.
  • Admin: This role provides access to the entire console.
  • Developer: This role is for users who primarily use the Plivo APIs.
  • Finance analyst: This role has access to payment and billing information.
  • Support: This role is for users who need access to Plivo data and to be able to modify settings in the account.

We have another post that provides more details about these roles and their permissions.

Can I change roles assigned to an account later?

Every user added to an account has a role assigned to them. You can change users’ roles (except the owner’s) at any time. If you no longer wish to grant access to a user, you can delete them. Please note that deleting a user is an irreversible step.

How can I invite users to my account?

You can provide access to another user by configuring a role for them and sending them an invitation: 

  1. Navigate to Account > Settings > Team on the Plivo console.
  2. Click Add New User.
  3. Enter the email address of the user you'd like to invite. 
  4. Select one of the predefined roles and click Invite User.




This sends an invitation to the email address you specify. If the user doesn't have a Plivo account already, they’ll be prompted to create an account. 

Why am I not able to invite users?

If you run into difficulty inviting users, ensure that you’re not using a proxy service while inviting them. Also, Plivo doesn’t support personal email addresses (such as those with a or domain, for instance), and you can’t invite someone with a personal email address to your account.

If a user doesn’t receive an invitation, ask them to check their spam folder. You can try resending the invitation. If you still face issues, please contact our support team.

How can I change a user’s role?

You can change an invited user's role by visiting Account > Settings > Team in the console and selecting a different role.



How can I switch between different accounts?

After you’ve accepted an invitation for a role, you’ll see a new menu item in the navigation menu on the Plivo console that you can use to switch between accounts. You can also switch between accounts from the top right corner.


Use Manage Accounts to access the list of all accounts accessible to you. The Manage Accounts widget lets you create your own account and set an account as the default landing page after each login.



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