What is a sub-account?

A sub-account enables you to manage multiple users under one main account, rather than having to create multiple accounts.

Sub-accounts are particularly helpful when you have multiple departments within your organization, allowing each department individual phone numbers and applications.

Why use a sub-account

  • Sub-accounts allow you to create multiple individual phone numbers and applications with ease.
  • Sub-accounts do not need to be individually recharged as credits are deducted directly from the main account.
  • Each sub-account has a unique Auth ID and Auth Token to distinguish API requests.
  • Unique Sender IDs can be whitelisted for each sub-account.

Note: Only one invoice is generated at the end of every month, as credits are deducted from the main account and not from every sub-account separately.

Each sub-account can trigger messages and calls by making use of their unique Auth ID and Auth Token.

How to create a sub-account

A sub-account can be created in two ways

  1. Through the API
  2. Via your Plivo console.

To create a sub-account through the console, go to your sub-accounts tab.

Click on ADD NEW SUB-ACCOUNT and a pop-up will prompt you to enter the name of the sub-account. 

Note: A sub-account can only be used if it is enabled first. 



You can name a sub-account whatever you like. If you no longer need the sub-account, it can be deleted via the Plivo console.

Note: A sub-account does not have separate log-in credentials. The credentials for each sub-account are different and can be found once you have logged into the Plivo account. 

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