What is a free trial account?

Plivo offers a free trial to all new customers. This trial account offers free credits to use Plivo's Voice and SMS APIs, as well as other capabilities. 

Starting a Plivo free trial is easy. Read our quick manual below to set up your trial account and build something amazing with Plivo.

A free trial account allows you to purchase a number of choices and try out international voice calls and SMS to regular phone numbers (PSTN) by sandboxing numbers.

Note: a Plivo free trial account never expires. Go ahead and upgrade your free trial account at any time to use Plivo’s full suite of features with no restrictions. 


When a user signs up for a Plivo free trial account, they are provided with free credits with which to experiment. These test credits can be used to make outbound calls or to send outbound messages to numbers that have been sandboxed in the Plivo free trial account. For more on how to sandbox a number, please scroll to the section below. 

All Plivo accounts created are prepaid in nature. That means you will have to add credits to your account before using any of our additional services.

The credits in your account never expire. Feel free to use or add credits to make calls or SMS – they will never be invalid. There is also no limit on the amount you wish to recharge to your account. 

When the Plivo account goes below a certain threshold, Plivo will notify you to add credits. To upgrade from a free trial Plivo account to standard, you will have to make a minimum recharge of $25.

Getting a phone number

When a user signs up for a Plivo free trial account, they will be prompted to verify a phone number. This is an important and mandatory security step.

To test Plivo's voice and SMS service, please click here to procure your first Plivo number. A new Plivo number will be generated along with a list of its capabilities. 

Click on Search to find a number that best suits your needs. You can create a number with a specific country code, or to use certain Plivo capabilities (e.g., Voice and SMS features). If the number you select doesn’t have the capabilities you’re looking for, you can continue to filter results.


Select a number to begin testing Plivo’s platform.  

Trial account limitations

Make the most of your Plivo free trial account with the following tips. 

Selecting a Phone Number

When a user signs up for a Plivo trial account, they are provided with one number for test purposes. The user can procure a number of their choice with the test credits provided. When the account is upgraded to Standard, the trial number will be carried over and charged monthly according to current Voice or SMS rates.

Sandbox: Voice and SMS

Outbound calls or outbound SMS messages can only be placed on a verified phone number. Before attempting to place an outbound call, be sure to verify the number. This process is called sandboxing a number.

To sandbox a number to the Plivo trial account, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Plivo account at https://console.plivo.com/accounts/login/
  2. Click on the Phone numbers tab  
  3. Click on “Sandbox Numbers” or click on the link: https://console.plivo.com/phone-numbers/
  4. Click on "Add Sandbox Number"


Please note that alphanumeric sender IDs cannot be used with trial accounts.

How to upgrade your account

Ready to use Plivo's full suite of services? Just upgrade your free trial account to Standard!

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