Getting started with answer machine detection

1. Detecting voicemail

Many companies detect voicemail by using a beep. We do not. Instead, Plivo detects voicemail using heuristic algorithms based on the tone of voice, the speed of spoken words, etc. This detection usually takes three to five seconds and usually has an accuracy of 60-75%, which is on par with the industry standards. You can enable AMD at Plivo using our outbound call API with machine_detection and machine_detection_time as parameters. Read more on our outbound call API page.

2. Leaving the message after the beep

The app can either leave a recording or connect to an agent, depending on whether you are using a human receiver or voicemail. Some systems trigger this hook based on a beep. We trigger it based on a certain silence threshold – this has given us better results. The minSilence parameter is useful for leaving a message. It will pause further execution of the call until there is defined silence as per the threshold.

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