How can I record an inbound call?

There are two ways to record an inbound call. 

Using the Record API

The Record API can record live calls at any time during the call. The API will return a URL with a file containing the audio recording. For more details, refer to our call recording reference documentation.

To get the call_UUID of the live call needed to record the inbound call, you can retrieve details for a specific call or get all live calls.

Using Record XML

The Record XML can be used to record the inbound call by having the XML appended in the answer_URL of the application attached to the Plivo DID (your Plivo phone number).

  • During an inbound call to the Plivo DID, the answer_URL of the application attached to DID is executed. The answer_URL should contain the following XML.

<Record action="" startOnDialAnswer="true" redirect="false" />    





For more details, please refer to our XML documentation on how to record a complete call session.

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