Can I set up a CNAM for all my Plivo phone numbers?

A caller ID name (CNAM) can only be set up for US Plivo numbers. The CNAM database is available only in the United States. 

CNAM registration works differently for long codes and toll-free numbers.

Long codes: Each long code number has a Destination Point Code that lets the receiving phone carrier knows which national CNAM database to pull the CNAM from. 

Toll-Free: Toll-free numbers do not have Destination Point Codes, so the receiving phone carrier can only pull a CNAM for a toll-free number from its own internal database. Even if Plivo registers your CNAM, it will not work if the receiving phone carriers don't update their databases. In other words, while you can register a CNAM for a toll-free number, there's no guarantee that the CNAM will work after registration. This is an industry-wide issue.

After a CNAM is registered, the CNAM will be displayed on the destination handset if the end operator and the handset supports the CNAM feature.

To check if your Plivo number has a CNAM feature, reach out to our support team.

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