Can I use my company name or a custom name as my caller ID?

Some hard phones, softphones, and phone numbers are capable of displaying the caller’s name on the screen during an incoming call. You can set up a caller name (your company name, business name, or a custom name) for calls to such phone numbers or endpoints.

Calls to endpoints

For outbound calls to endpoints that are registered with softphones or hard phones and have caller ID name support, you can set up the caller name using the “caller_name” attribute in the HTTP API. Please refer to this guide for details:

For inbound calls that are redirected from your Plivo DID to an endpoint registered to a softphone or hard phone with caller ID name support, you can make use of the “callerName” attribute available in the dial XML. Read more in this guide: 

Calls to phone numbers

We currently support the CNAM feature only for calls made to US phone numbers. A phone number (Plivo DID) must be registered in the CNAM database for such calls to display a custom name. Please create a ticket with Plivo Support for more detail.

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