What are the fees for registering a Sender ID?

Plivo Support works with carriers to set up the Sender ID based on carrier regulations and the destination country. This may involve a one-time setup fee of USD 25 exclusive of carrier charges* for Sender ID registration for each country.

There is no fee to enable a Sender ID for destinations where the Sender ID is dynamic. However, Plivo will still need to vet the use and business cases to enable alphanumeric Sender IDs.

*Certain countries have additional carrier charges for Sender ID traffic. As it is subject to change, this information will be shared with customers on a case-to-case basis after getting a confirmation from the respective local carriers.

How can I get more than one Sender ID for my account?

Multiple Sender IDs on an account are only supported on an account that works across different countries. Multiple Senders IDs for the same country are not supported on the same account. 

For instance, if you have registered the Sender ID "Plivo" towards Denmark from your main account, we are not able to register the Sender ID "PLVSMS" towards Denmark on that same main account. However, it is possible to register a second Sender ID from a sub-account. 

Can the Sender ID be changed at a later point?

Yes, the Sender ID can be changed at a charge of USD 25 per country. Read more regarding Sender ID registration by clicking here.

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