What do the different call statuses mean?

The status of a call on Plivo is sent to the requested URLs under the CallStatus key. Decisions can be made by your app to process a call based on this status.

Plivo will classify a call status as one of the following categories under the CallStatus parameter.

1. In-progress: string

The call has been answered and is currently in progress. Calls under this status can be explicitly terminated using the Hangup API.

2. Completed: string

The call has been completed. It’s either terminated using the Hangup API or ended by one of the parties in the call.

3. Ringing: string

The call is currently ringing. This status is sent to the Ring URL.

4. No-answer: string

The call hasn't been answered by the callee. Your application must have the logic to parse this parameter and take action.

5. Busy: string

The callee is busy on a different call. You should wait and retry the call. 

6. Cancel: string

The call has been canceled by the callee without answering.

7. Timeout: string

There was a timeout while connecting your call. This is either an issue with one of the terminating carriers or network lag in our system.

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