How do I make a phone call using Plivo?

You can make outbound phone calls to landlines, mobiles, and SIP endpoints (e.g., softphones), in any of our 200+ coverage countries. A single outbound call or bulk outbound calls can be made using Plivo in three ways:

  1. Making an HTTP POST request to the Call API Resource or the PHLO
  2. Using an endpoint via a softphone, hard phone, or an SDK.
  3. Integrating your application with Plivo using one of our helper libraries.

Outbound calling


  1. Sign up for a free Plivo trial account.
  2. Check out our helper libraries page and install the right helper based on the programming language you wish to use.
  3. Buy a Plivo phone number (optional).

Note: A phone number is required only for receiving calls. However, country-specific carrier conditions may still apply. You can buy a phone number through the Buy Numbers tab on your Plivo account menu. 

     4. Unlike other tutorials, making simple outbound calls does not require a web server. 

Please refer to our quick start guide on how to make an outbound call.

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