Troubleshooting Plivo Endpoints

This guide will cover a few of the issues you may face while using Plivo Endpoints to make/receive calls:

  • Unable to login 
  • Unable to make calls
  • Unable to receive calls
  • Call disconnected 
  • Call quality

Unable to login:

Make sure that you are using the right credentials (which you can find here: to log in. 

Username endpoint field

Username: <25 Alphanumeric characters are allowed> + 12 digit number (added by Plivo)

For example: <username> + 123456788910 (added by Plivo). No special characters are allowed

Password endpoint field

Your password can be alphanumeric and contain special characters.

Character limit: 32 characters

Alias endpoint field

Alphanumeric characters are allowed, special characters are not allowed. 

Character limit: 50 characters

Unable to make or receive calls: 


You should have this URL as answer_url for the application that is assigned to the Plivo endpoint.

Call disconnected:

  • Check the session expiry time that is set up in the softphone, hard phone, or SDK session timeout expiration.
  • If everything is fine, and if the call is not disconnected by the caller or callee, then please contact so that our Support Team can investigate this issue.

Call quality:

VOIP call quality depends on the following factors:

  • Caller and callee network connection
  • Local network setup
  • Caller and callee’s phone network
  • Headset functionality
  • Plivo’s partner carrier
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