How do I receive calls on an SIP Endpoint?

You can either directly receive calls on a softphone, hard phone, web app, Android app, or iOS app in which the Plivo Endpoint has been configured, or receive an inbound call to a Plivo DID that can be redirected to an Endpoint.

Inbound calls directly to endpoints:

You can make calls from a SIP Endpoint to another SIP Endpoint by dialing out to the SIP URI of the endpoint. Find the SIP URI for an endpoint here: and click on the + sign for the Endpoint for which you need the SIP URI.

Note: You can make calls to an Endpoint from a Plivo Endpoint or an external SIP endpoint as well (if the external VOIP provider supports that). Alternately, you can also make calls to an endpoint using our outbound call API ( 

Inbound call to DIDs redirected to endpoints:

You can use the demo call forwarding application to redirect the inbound calls to a DID and then to an endpoint.

Demo call forward: → SIP URI of the endpoint to which you want calls to be redirected. Or, you can set up call forwarding with the help of a Dial XML, similar to the example laid out below, which can redirect calls to the endpoint.



        <User sendDigits="wwww2410"></User>



Answer_url attached to the Plivo DID should return an XML document like the example above.

Note: The endpoint should be assigned with direct-dial application. PUT YOUR CALLER ID HERE

You can use your desired phone number as caller ID.

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