How can I receive calls on a SIP endpoint?

You can either directly receive calls on a softphone, hardphone, web application, Android app, or iOS app in which the Plivo endpoint has been configured, or receive an inbound call to a Plivo DID number that can be redirected to an endpoint.

Inbound calls directly to endpoints

You can make calls from a SIP endpoint to another SIP endpoint by dialing out to the SIP URI of the endpoint. Find the SIP URI for an endpoint on the Endpoints page of the Plivo console and click on the plus sign for the endpoint for which you need the SIP URI.

Note: You can make calls to an endpoint from a Plivo endpoint or an external SIP endpoint if the external VoIP provider supports that. Alternately, you can make calls to an endpoint using our outbound call method.

Inbound call to DIDs redirected to endpoints

You can use the demo call forwarding application to redirect the inbound calls to a DID and then to an endpoint.

Demo call forward


In this example, is the SIP URI of the endpoint to which you want calls to be redirected.

Alternatively, you can set up call forwarding with the help of a Dial XML element, similar to the example laid out below, which can redirect calls to the endpoint.



        <User sendDigits="wwww2410"></User>



Answer_url attached to the Plivo DID should return XML code like the example above.

Note: The endpoint should be assigned with direct-dial application. YOUR CALLER ID HERE

You can use your desired phone number as the caller ID.

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