What documents do I need to activate a number?

Toll-free, long code, shortcode, mobile, and national numbers each have different activation requirements and restrictions. These restrictions depend on the carrier and the country regulations, Plivo has no control over what you must submit in order to activate a number.

 For your convenience, you can find activation requirements and restrictions for each country here.

 Verification documents are broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Address documents: regulations in some countries require the user to provide a valid address at the time of purchasing a phone number. The address should be the residential or business address of the user. Always keep this address updated as you continue to use the phone number.
  2. Identity Documents: local regulations in some countries require the user to provide a valid proof of identity to purchase a phone number. The ID must be that of the user; keep this form of ID up-to-date throughout the use of the phone number.

Address documents will either ask for a local address, national address, or international/global address.

  1. A local address requirement will require an address in the same geographic zone where the number is being purchased. For example, if you are purchasing a German local number (Berlin), regulatory authorities will only consider a Berlin address valid.
  2. A national address requirement will ask for an address anywhere in the country of the number procured.
  3. An international or global address requirement is a valid proof of address anywhere in the world.

What kind of documents are preferred for address/identity verification?

  • Passport
  • Business registration document
  • For corporate user: an extract of the company register.
  • For subscribers: ID & utility bill (phone bill or electricity or gas bill).
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