What is the difference between long code, toll-free, and shortcode?

Depending on your use-case, Plivo has three types of numbers available for you to choose from. Read more about their features and differences in the table below.

  Long Code Toll Free Short Code
Profile Type Person-to-Person Application-to-Person Application-to-Person
Content Type Conversational Informational Informational/ Promotional
Consent Type Implied


(Read more about toll-free numbers here)

Dequeue Rate: US/ Canada  1 SMS per 4 seconds US: 40 SMS/sec
Canada: 1 SMS/sec
100 SMS/sec
Procurement Time Subject to availability Subject to availability 8-12 weeks
Number Type 10-Digit Virtual numbers 10-Digit Number Specifically Provisioned 5-6 digit
Cost Lowest Low High
Examples Number masking, conversational SMS 2FA, alerts, reminders Marketing, alerts, and reminders


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