What is a “SessionVirtualNumberReplaced” callback event?

Plivo collaborates with third-party providers to allocate virtual numbers and manage end-operator connectivity during number masking sessions. While Plivo guarantees higher SLAs and uptime for our services, potential problems with a third party may still impact your number masking sessions.

If there’s an issue, Plivo will promptly intervene to replace a sub-optimal virtual number with a fully functional one. We aim to ensure uninterrupted communication for our customers.

The SessionVirtualNumberReplaced event is triggered when the health of the number used in the session deteriorates. Plivo substitutes the sub-optimal number with a temporary one to maintain the session and prevent any call connectivity issues. The VirtualNumber field included in this event contains the fully functional number, serving to notify you to update the old number with the new virtual number in your application.

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