Does Plivo offer a dedicated number pool for number masking?

Currently, we don't provide a dedicated number pool specifically for number masking. However, you can allocate numbers to a subaccount and create sessions by specifying the subaccount auth details. This ensures that virtual number allocation is aligned with the subaccount used in the session. Plivo will exclusively access and use the numbers associated with the specified subaccount. 


curl -X POST "{Auth ID}/Masking/Session" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
  "first_party": "+919003459XXX",
  "second_party": "+919840037XXX",
  "is_pin_authentication_required": true,
  "first_party_pin": 1234,
  "second_party_pin": 4321,
  "pin_prompt_play": "",
  "geomatch": true,
  "subaccount": "SAOWRKMGU3YZCTZJXXX",
  "incorrect_pin_play": ""

The above request will create a number masking session with the virtual number that belongs to the subaccount auth ’SAOWRKMGU3YZCTZJXXX’.

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