What is a Number Masking interaction?

A number masking interaction refers to a specific call between two parties within a number masking session. In a session, there can be multiple interactions.

Each interaction is represented by a unique Interaction object, which is nested within the corresponding session. The Interaction object includes attributes related to a particular interaction, such as the URL of the call-leg resource created for both the first party and the second party involved in the conversation.

As an example, consider a scenario within a ride-hailing app, where a driver and a rider need to connect to coordinate a ride. During the session, each time the driver initiates a call to the rider or vice versa, a new interaction object is created. Multiple interactions can occur within the same session as the driver and rider communicate back and forth to finalize ride details. Each interaction represents a distinct call between the driver and rider within the overall ride-hailing session.

For more information, please visit our number masking concepts section.

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