What is a Number Masking session?

A number masking session is a unique instance facilitated by Plivo, initiated for every combination of first party and second party phone numbers. Within this session, multiple masked phone calls can be made by the parties involved. 

Each session is represented by a Session object, containing attributes such as a unique session identifier, the phone numbers of the parties involved, and a virtual number provided by Plivo to connect them.

As an example, consider a scenario within a ride-hailing app, where a driver and a rider need to connect to coordinate a ride. When the driver initiates contact with the rider, Plivo creates a unique number masking session for their interaction. Within this session, the driver and rider can make multiple calls to coordinate the ride without revealing their personal phone numbers to each other. Each call is part of the same session until it expires or is terminated.

For more information, please visit our number masking concepts section.

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