How can I track recording storage charges?

Plivo has introduced enhancements to our Voice API and console to make it easier to track recording storage charges.

APIs: New parameters on the Recording object — recording_storage_duration, recording_storage_rate, and monthly_recording_storage_amount — provide information about storage duration and charges.

Console: The Voice > Recordings page of the console now includes filtering options for days of storage, and you can export historic recordings within a one-year timeframe for easier tracking.

How billing works

Recording storage charges are billed on the last day of each calendar month. At that time Plivo checks the storage duration of each recording in an account and applies a charge if the duration is more than 90 days. The aggregated charge is deducted from the account balance and reported on your invoice.

Suppose, for example, you record three calls on March 16. For all recordings, the recording_storage_rate is 0.0004, and until the last day of the calendar month after 90 days have passed the monthly_recording_storage_amount is zero. You delete the third recording before the end of the billing period for which it would first be charged. The charges would be calculated like this. 



  Recording 1,
50 seconds
Recording 2,
119 seconds
Recording 3,
150 seconds
March 16 recording_storage_duration = 1 recording_storage_duration = 1 recording_storage_duration = 1
March 31 recording_storage_duration = 16 recording_storage_duration = 16 recording_storage_duration = 16
April 30 recording_storage_duration = 46 recording_storage_duration = 46 recording_storage_duration = 46
May 30 recording_storage_duration = 77 recording_storage_duration = 77 recording_storage_duration = 77
June 13 recording_storage_duration = 90 recording_storage_duration = 90 recording_storage_duration = 90
June 29 recording_storage_duration = 106 recording_storage_duration = 106 Recording deleted via API or console
June 30

recording_storage_duration = 107

monthly_recording_storage_amount = 0.0004

recording_storage_duration = 107

monthly_recording_storage_amount = 0.0008

Not considered for a charge

Total charge deducted from the account on June 30 is $0.0012 (0.0004+0.0008).


Here’s how the recording storage charge appears on your invoice.


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