Domestic Calling in India

Domestic calling is a better choice than international calling if your calls originate and terminate in India. It provides several advantages.

  • The call media path is shorter, which means lower latency and better audio quality.
  • Outbound callers can get better recognition with assured local caller ID.
  • Pricing is attractive, and INR billing is available.


Businesses should be aware of several requirements for domestic calling in India.

Caller ID — Outbound calls must originate from the caller ID of an India Plivo phone number.

Media anchoring — Media anchoring requires the media of the call to reside in the same country as the phone call. Simply put, the media cannot leave the country; your calls should originate from and terminate to users in India. If a domestic call leg is bridged with an international call leg, the call will fail with hangup cause “Violates Media Anchoring.”

Business KYC — You must submit know-your-customer (KYC) documentation before you can rent India phone numbers and make and receive calls from your Plivo account. Submit a support ticket and attach the following documents as image files in PNG or JPG format.

KYC Acceptable Documents
Company PAN card One of these documents, self-signed
  • Company PAN card
  • Owner’s PAN card

Certificate of incorporation

One of these documents
  • Company’s certificate of incorporation
  • Passport copy of owner (not expired)

Company address proof

One of these documents, self-signed
  • Post-paid phone bill (latest)
  • Rental agreement (latest)
  • Nationalized bank’s last month’s statement

Photo identity

Passport-size photo of one of the directors
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