How can I apply limits on my auto recharge payments?

We provide an auto recharge feature to help you avoid service disruption because of a low account balance. Auto recharge uses your credit card to top up the account balance when it detects the balance going below a certain threshold amount. 

You can control the spending on your credit cards by placing limits on auto recharges. You can configure up to three auto recharge payment limits for your preferred amounts using the Configure Auto Recharge Limits feature on the Payment Settings page.

You can add a daily, weekly and monthly limit on payments executed using your credit cards. For every auto recharge attempt, the system will check whether the attempt breaches any of the payment limits.

For instance, if the daily payment limit is $100 and the total successful payments for the day sum to $75, the next auto recharge attempt of $50 will be declined.

If an auto recharge is declined due to payment limits, we’ll notify you of the reason for the decline in our transaction alert email.

Please note: You may always make manual recharges, even above the auto recharge limit amounts. We consider both manual and auto recharge payments when we calculate whether an auto recharge attempt would breach any configured payment limits.

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