Grounds for Number Disconnection or Account Suspension

Plivo is responsible for ensuring that its platform not be used for illegitimate activities. To stay compliant with local laws and regulations, Plivo checks the traffic on its phone numbers to detect and block illegitimate activities.

We may take action against a virtual number or a customer account if we discover a violation of Plivo’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Plivo’s carriers and local operators alert us to AUP violations based on the local laws and regulations in the destination countries for any of the numbers as well. We also monitor for specific traffic signatures — for example, numbers predominantly used for unapproved traffic patterns such as inbound messaging-only usage with receipts of large-scale verification codes or one-time passwords from online platforms. 

Plivo reserves the right to disconnect numbers or block accounts, depending on the severity of the violation, if we find evidence to suspect that a customer is using Plivo’s numbers for illegitimate activities.

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